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About Palram Application

Palram Applications Ltd is a designing, developing, manufacturing,
and marketing arm of Palram Industries that is focused on creating
new and innovative finished products.

Palram Applications intends to exploit the use of Palram's
thermoplastic products, adding value to those products in
the process.

As a multi-national company, Palram intends to maintain its position in the front row of the global arena, prominent among the leaders of the plastic sheets market, while retaining its unique identity.

Palram is deeply committed to…
• Continue learning, understanding and foreseeing the changing needs
  and strivings of its customers.
•Providing its customers throughout the world with solutions that are
  creative, flexible, unique and competitive.
•Maintaining the tradition of personal, warm relations with its customers.
• Ensuring that the highest standards of service are maintained at all times,
  to meet the varying needs of its customers worldwide.
• Expanding activities throughout the world while maintaining its leading position
  and high standards of professionalism.
• Brand penetration of the world plastic sheeting market, deepening awareness
  of the values, culture and intangible assets behind the name.
• Investing in its prime asset, its human resources, through the encouragement
  of growth, development and advancement for all its employees.

Palram’s intangible assets
Palram’s highest objective is to preserve the values and culture –
its intangible assets – upon which the company was built:
Working together as a close-knit family with full involvement and informal, open communications between all members, based on mutual trust and loyalty, not just within the company, but between the company and its customers.

Palram’s commitment to
its customers
• Customers from all over the world
  shall reap the full benefit of
  Palram’s developing knowledge,
  experience and expertise.
• Customers shall benefit from all new
  knowledge and developments
  emanating from Palram’s ongoing R&D.
• Customers shall receive comprehensive technical and technological
  support that is continuous, reliable and fast.
• Based on the global distribution of representatives, Palram is able to provide
  immediate solutions that are highly professional and precisely tailored to every
  customer need.

Palram’s commitment to quality
• Every product shall continue to meet Palram’s uncompromising standards of
  quality while strictly adhering to international standards, proper work regulations
  and manufacturing procedures.
• Every Palram product shall continue to be ideally suited to the customer
  application for which it is destined.
• Every product shall continue to represent the best possible solution for the
  customer, arrived at through cooperative efforts and a relentless desire to
  improve product quality and expand the product range.

Palram’s commitment to service
• Because Palram thinks in terms of long-term relationships with its customers,
  it always strives to give the best possible commercial and technical support it can.
• Because Palram has a global presence with marketing representatives
  throughout the world, it can give its customers the full backing of its 40 years
  of experience and expertise with fast, direct service and superlative solutions,
  in any corner of the globe.

Palram’s commitment to research and development
• Drawing inspiration from market trends and customers’ ideas and needs,
  Palram adopts innovative concepts as the basis for future product development,
  competitive products that will contribute both to the success of Palram and of
  its customers.
• R&D efforts are focused on future generations of products that meet customer
  needs yet to be encountered.

Palram’s commitment to the environment and quality of life
• As part of the world effort to preserve the integrity of our planet and its natural
  resources, Palram works to ensure the utmost environmental-friendliness of its
• Palram recycles all materials used in the production process, thereby
  maintaining its long tradition of ecological protection at its manufacturing sites.

Palram Applications is by definition a company that ecology is part of its nature.
Environment responsibility was not adapted by Palram as a result of trends or
even regulations. Using Palram Applications' products means energy saving,
pollution reduction, and being part of the global effort to a clean, better world.
Our products
Hobby Greenhouses reduce greenhouse effectPalram's Greenhousesand Gardening productssupport organic self-growing and home
gardening culture. This way of life prevents chemicals which are used in the industrial agriculture
as also reduces dramatically carbon footprint by saving the distribution process. Home gardening creates "green lungs" inside urban metropolises.

Palram's covering and roofing systems create protected, pleasant outdoor environment.
This kind of environment encourages families to spend their time outside and to save
indoor lighting energy or heating/cooling energy.

Canopieswhich shade doors, windows and houses reduce needed energy for internal
home cooling.

Carports which shade and protect cars reduce their air-conditioning or heating needs
when driving. Air-conditioner can increase car's gas intake by 20%, so carports
save gas for you and for the environment.

PalTile covering system includes easy skylight option to bring sunshine in and to save
lighting energy.


As part of its innovative nature, Palram's is getting into the world or renewing clean energies.
Solar productsutilize sun power to heat water and air in a clean way that save energy and reduce carbon emission.

Sustainable products Palram Applications is obligated to
quality products and ingredients.

Polycarbonate, which is virtually unbreakable (unlike glass) and Aluminum which is rust resistant (unlike metal) are examples. Therefore, choosing Palram Applications' products means choosing sustainable products. They stay with you for long time and are not thrown away after one season.    

Recyclable, light weight materials

Palram's products are made of recyclable materials. Products can be disassembled easily and their components can be separated according to their raw materials. Palram Applications uses light weight raw materials as Polycarbonate and Aluminum (unlike glass or metal). As a result of this process, it require the use of less energy. 
Back to mother company

Recycling is easy for Palram Applications. The main components' vendor for Palram
Applications' products are from its mother company, PALRAM. All other vendors' facilities are located near by Palram Applications facility. Therefore, 98% of our waste throughout the manufacturing process is sent back to its vendors, recycled, and used again in the next production.

Packaging & logistics
Minimal carbon footprint

The packages of Palram Applications' products are made of recyclable and recycled materials
as carton and polypropylene. Their distribution and storage are dramatically more efficient due
to its design – minimal sizes, minimal weight.

Carbon footprint of each product is reduced due to fewer shipments, lighter shipments,
and less storage space.

Environment's standards
ISO 14001, OHSAS18001

Palram Applications has both standards ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001.

ISO 14001 high standard specifies the actual requirements for an environmental
management system.

OHSAS 18001 high standard is an international occupational health and safety
management system specification.