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Q. How does the greenhouse ship to me?

The greenhouse is typically shipped via Fedex Ground, UPS Ground, in 2 or more boxes.  The exact number of boxes varies depending on the size of greenhouse ordered. 

Q. When will my greenhouse arrive at my front door?

When you submit your purchase to we send your order to the warehouse in Pennsylvania to be shipped.  If you place your order on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday your order will be submitted on the following Monday.  The warehouse can take up to 72 hours to ship your order.  When your purchase leaves the warehouse, please allow up to 10 business days to receive your order.  We usually receive tracking confirmation from the warehouse within 24 hours of your purchase being shipped and we can send you that information upon request. 

Q. Do you sell larger greenhouses than on your website ?

Yes,  All Snap and Grow greenhouses are expandable.

Q. Where are the Palram greenhouses made ?

All Palram products are made in Israel. 

Q. How strong is a Palram greenhouse?

Europe's standards are higher than those in the US, and the TUV Europe testing lab which is equivalent to UL has tested the product and certified it as being strong and safe.  We have a photo of a Palram greenhouse buried under 23 inches of snow.  The incredible strength of the greenhouse comes from its excellent engineering and the high quality of plastics and aluminum used.

Q. How much wind can the Palram greenhouse withstand?

Much depends on the location and what sort of wind velocity your region can get.  We do know from customers that the units have withstood wind gusts of up to 80 mph winds without damage. Even in very bad windstorms, the worst that can happen to your greenhouse is that some of the polycarbonate panels are blown out which are very easy to replace.

Q.  What is their snow load capacity?

The load capacity is roughly 150 kg per square Meter.  We have seen them with as much as 23" of snow.  Never the less, we do recommend that you brush the snow off the roof whenever it gets over a foot. 

Q. Where should I locate my greenhouse?

The selection of a site involves taking into consideration three importantly factors: 1) the most desirable location should be shaded by deciduous tree(s) or lacking shade draped with an external shade cloth over the greenhouse which is attached to the foundation; 2) the site should also be sheltered from the wind by a tree(s) or some other barrier; 3) the site should be level and allow for good drainage. 

Q. How do I secure the greenhouse?

The greenhouse should ideally be attached to some sort of foundation, in order to keep it secure, and it should be preferably something heavy/solid.

Q. What kind of greenhouses does Palram offer?

Palram's Greenhouses are all glazed with Polycarbonate panels and framed by Aluminum profiles.

Q. What is polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate are a particular group of thermoplastic polymers. Their superior features compare to other polymers (temperature resistance, impact resistance and optical properties) position them between commodity plastics and engineering plastics. 

Q. What makes a polycarbonate greenhouse better than glass?

Polycarbonate panels are virtually unbreakable. It is a big plus concerning their longevity as also their safety, especially important when younger children or the elderly are involved.

The light weight of the panels – less than 1kg – is another advantage that affect the convenient of assembly or even re-location option (assembled 6'x8' greenhouse is less than 45kg).

In addition the Polycarbonate panels protect everything inside the greenhouse from the harmful UV rays, either it is shelving, pots, tools or your skin. 

Q. What are Crystal Clear Polycarbonate panels?

Crystal Clear Polycarbonate panels are unique for Palram greenhouses. They combine the visual appearance and functional effects of glass with the advantages of polycarbonate greenhouse.

These are solid panels that have about 95% light transmission which bring flowers and plants inside the greenhouse to be part of your garden landscape and you can see everything within, like glass. Your plants will enjoy maximum light exposure.

On the other hand, Crystal Clear polycarbonate panels are fully safe since they are virtually unbreakable, and their light weight (less than 1kg) makes the assembly process easier and more convenient.

Q. What sizes are available for the greenhouses?

Snap & Grow lines are 6' and 8' width:

The 6’ width is 8’ feet depth. Additional 4' extension is also available to extend the basic product by 4' (120 cm).

The 8' width is 8' depth. Additional 4' extension is also available to extend the basic product by 4' (120 cm).
Other models are 8x12

 Q. Is it possible to enlarge your greenhouse?

The Snap & Grow has an extension, but it designed to be assembled together with the basic unit. Adding an extension after the basic unit is assembled is not recommended and will require disassemble of most of the greenhouse.            

Q. What accessories are available for the greenhouse?

All greenhouses include vent and gutters. Base is also included in all greenhouses (except the Snap & Grow 8' products which do not require base.

Additional accessories are available in separated kits: Shelving, Shading kits, Automatic Vent Opener, and additional Vent.

For more details check the products pages at this website.

Q. How long will a Polycarbonate greenhouse will last?

Palram is using Polycarbonate which is UV protected therefore there is no yellowness, turbidity or disintegration for at least 10 years.  

Q. Can the frame rust?

No. Most of it is Aluminum which is rust resistant. The steel parts like the base are galvanized. 

Q. How to choose a greenhouse site?

If possible, locate the greenhouse where it will receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight during the winter months. Avoid a site that is shaded by buildings or trees.
A good site would also be sheltered from high winds. Easy access and close water and electricity are also important.
The recommended greenhouse' position is with its ridge running east and west so its length will face the sun during most hours. 

Q. What kind of surface does the greenhouse need?

The greenhouse must be positioned on a flat level surface. It can be either a concrete, gravel, strong wood platform, or a flat ground that was leveled carefully.

Make sure the whole base is lying and supported by the surface. Greenhouses' base is usually a few centimeters (2-3) below the exterior dimensions of the greenhouse. 

Q. How should I anchor a Palram greenhouse?

The greenhouse should be anchored to a firm surface. All Palram's greenhouses include anchoring solutions: Pre-drilled holes in the base and spikes. 

Q. How is an anchoring process done with a concrete surface?

After the greenhouse is assembled and located on the solid concrete foundation, use a concrete driller through the pre-drilled holes in the base and proper screws. 

Q. How do I clean the greenhouse?

Use a mild detergent solution and rinse with cold clean water. DO NOT use acetone, abrasive cleaners, or other special detergents for cleaning. 

Q. How do I ask for replacement/missing parts?

Contact our customer service through this website or by phone number which appears on
the front page of your assembly instructions. 

Q. Can't find what you're looking for? Just contact us